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St Michael & All Angels Church

Stoke Prior

Stoke Prior is really 5 "Stokes"... Stoke, Heath, Stoke Pound, Stoke Works, Stoke Wharf and Stoke Prior. Like all the Wychebrook parishes it was once in the Feckenham Forest that extend from Warwickshire to Shropshire. It's industrial life began with needle making and in Victorian times the industrialist, philanthropist and politician John Corbett developed the salt works which employed people until the late 20th century. It's also the home of Harris Brushes, the famous decorator's "must have"!

The church itself is a beautiful and interesting building dating back to the 12th century. It has architectural features from all the major periods of building and also has a Saxon stone in the south door which tells us this was a church long before the Norman's came. The spire was added in the 18th century. It is currently undergoing a major renovation thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Church Commissioners.

The church is dedicated to Sr Michael and All Angels and St Katherine.